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The boss of all discord bot is here

Venus is a easy to use and powerful Discord bot which contains a lot of features you probably need such as moderation, economy, music, leveling, tickets, fun, memes and much more!


Venus Features.

Fully Customizable

You can customize VENUS BOT for your server. VENUS BOT provides facility to Customize bot for your server.

Support Server

Venus bot, has also a Discord Server Support server where you can get help.

Easy To Use

There are no complicated command in this bot.if you dont understand any command by mistake type v!help , bot will send description and usage of the command.

24/7 Online

Venus Bot hosting is very amzing, it hosted on VPS so it will be on 24/7, There is nothing to worry about hosting in VENUS BOT. It have ultimate hosting.


Venus bot, is a powerful discord bot that can help your server on a lot of tasks.


Venus bot, is a High Quality Discord Bot trusted by a lot of discord servers.


About Venus.

Venus Bot is a awesome discord bot, that can help your server on multi tasks, Venus bot commands are easy to use, some Venus bot commands(music, wallet, moderation, fun, utility, and much more..). Venus Bot is a secure, fast, trusted, 24/7 Online discord bot.